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About The Show

About The Show
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Our Show...

How It Got Started...

In the spring of 2003 Newbridge Arena was approached to host a fund-raising Skate-A-Thon. We had a small group of skaters perform during this event as special guests. This evening was a huge success for the charity and our participants had a wonderful time raising money by doing something they love to do. Their desire to continue to serve the community prompted a group of skaters to request that we host an annual Skate-A-Thon and that we make the showcase a much more integral part of the program.

Recent Years...

Over the past three years we have contributed to the 9/11 Families Give Back Fund, the United States Figure Skating Memorial Fund and most recently to the UNICEF Emergency Relief Fund. What started out as a small group of participants and five performers has grown into a show with fifteen skaters and a Skate-A-Thon that draws from Newbridge Arena's USFSA Basic Skills program through local recreational and competitive skaters. Each succeeding year we have been able to significantly increase the amount of our contribution to our selected charity. We are a totally sponsored event and 100% of the donations made are given directly to our beneficiary.

This Year...

Now for the fourth consecutive year Newbridge Arena is proud to say that our skating community will be putting their talents to good use by raising money for a worthy cause. This year we have selected Habitat For Humanity as our charity. The theme of our skating exhibition will be "Inspire: A 2006 Olympic Celebration"

Call Mike Quadrino (516) 398-4841 or Kim Bennett (516) 783-6181 for more Info.