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Habitat For Humanity

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Habitat For Humanity
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Our beneficiary this year.

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, many organizations rush to the scene to provide medical services, distribute food and hygienic supplies and establish temporary shelter solutions. However, months and even years later, many families still live in run-down shelter conditions. This is where Habitat for Humanity steps in.

When disaster strikes, Habitat strikes back.
As a builder of decent, safe, affordable housing, Habitat for Humanity recognizes the need to provide long-term solutions to the housing needs of families who have been affected and displaced by disasters and conflicts. While Habitat cannot act as a relief agency, it seeks to facilitate recovery options for those victims who seek permanent housing to rebuild their lives.

Habitat is also involved with disaster mitigation and preparedness by creating awareness and providing information before a disaster strikes to lessen the impact on homes and families.

Disaster Response puts communities back on their and helps them stay there.
Disaster Response Office is working to rebuild the future for victims of war and natural disasters worldwide. By giving communities the means to rebuild, Habitat has been able to:

support, empower and work with families in building recovery housing.

create new integrated communities.

develop new Habitat affiliates.

introduce disaster preparedness and mitigation concepts that allow families to protect themselves against future disasters.


Together We Can Build Love, Hope, and Dreams

Call Mike Quadrino (516) 398-4841 or Kim Bennett (516) 783-6181 for more Info.